Webinar Archive: Try NonStop SQL/MX Database Services for FREE

October 13 , 2021


Try NonStop SQL/MX Database Services (DBS) for FREE

NonStop users are familiar with the features of the NonStop system: It is available when it needs to be.
An application or a database simply inherits the fundamentals of the underlying platform and there is little to configure, once the system has been installed.
Still, what NonStop customers take for granted, is not so common or easy to achieve on the common Windows or Linux systems. On these systems, you need to design and configure for scalability and availability in various ways, depending on the database of choice.
This may lead them to believe that a configuring a fault-tolerant NonStop SQL database is a similar challenge. But how to show them this is not the case?
This presentation will show, using a live demo, how SQL/MX DBS adds a “cloud experience” to NonStop SQL, while providing the user experience of working with a fault-tolerant, distributed database. Once a system administrator has created a database with just a few clicks, a user has full access to this database (and only this database) using the SQL/MX APIs in JDBC and ODBC.
With the same ease as a single-instance MySQL database can be created in the cloud, a full-fledged fault-tolerant database can be created in your private cloud or on a dedicated converged NonStop server


Frans Jongma​ (HPE Advanced Technology Center)

Frans Jongma is a Master Technologist for the HPEs NonStop Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and is based The Netherlands.

Frans has worked in several consulting positions for the NonStop Enterprise Division since 1989.
His main areas of expertise are: NonStop SQL (MP as well as MX), application design, performance analysis and high-availability. Prior to joining Tandem, Frans has worked on the design and implementation of database management systems and developer productivity tools for UNIX and proprietary systems.
As part of the ATC Frans has been involved in proving the concept of SQL/MX as a Service and the prototype of a web-based user interface to SQL/MX DBS


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