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Upcoming Technical Webinars

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December 18, 2019 - Introduction to the new NonStop Database Analyzer product from HPE


Description of this Technical Webinar

Introduction to the new NonStop Database Analyzer product from HPE

NSDA – NonStop Database Analyzer – is a new product from HPE NonStop. Its purpose is to capture information about query workloads, system performance, heath and other metrics, and store that data in a repository for both real-time and historical analysis.  NSDA provides browser-based graphical views of workload activity and supplies many built-in reports, with the ability to develop and store custom reports. With NSDA, one can view historical workloads over time, easily zoom into the details of specific periods and analyze query workload performance.  Or, simply view query workloads in real-time.


Paul Denzinger (HPE)

Paul is a Master Technologist working in the Advances Technology Center (ATC) of HPE, with specialization in database technology and performance.


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