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February 19, 2020 - So You Want to Migrate Your BASE24 or BASE24-eps to NonStop X? Easy..

Description of this Technical Webinar

So You Want to Migrate Your BASE24 or BASE24-eps to NonStop X? Easy..

In this advanced NonStop Academy webinar, we will make your life a whole lot easier when migrating your BASE24 on J-series or BASE24-eps implementations to NonStop X.
In this next NonStop Academy technical webinar, Jan Zeeman (Senior NonStop Consultant and Continuous NonStop Academy Trainer) will provide you with a solid technical overview of application migration to NonStop X, specifically for Base24 users.
You will walk away with a checklist of things you need to consider and the steps to take in any migration of Base24 and related products. You will also be presented with useful outlines for several possible migration scenarios from a NonStop perspective.


Jan Zeeman (Continuous NonStop IT Solutions)


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