Training Audiences

NonStop courses are designed and built to train and educate professionals in various job functions for specific expertise and competence. Beyond the foundations courses most classes are intended for the following personnel, with a minimum of one-year of experience on the HPE NonStop NB server platforms running the J-Series NonStop operating system or the HPE NonStop X-servers platforms running the L-series NonStop Kernel Operating System:

  • Customer end-users and Customers authorized to service their own equipment
  • NonStop system mangers, system administrators and database administrators
  • Application software designers and developers
  • NonStop Kernel Guardian and OSS environment developers
  • System Integration Specialists, Professional Services¬†and Consultant partners
  • Authorized service channel partners and distributors.
  • Authorized Service and Support personnel (Customer Engineer field support technicians), who perform installations, upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.
  • Global Mission Critical Solution Center (GMCSC) personnel, who may have specialized technical expertise in the operating system and serve as support for both field support technicians and customers.
  • Solution Architects, Analyst System Engineers, Pre-Sales technical support personnel who perform consulting and technical account support, including tasks such as assessment of customer needs, system sizing and configuration, installation consulting, and so forth.