The NonStop Virtual LAB

The HPE NonStop Virtual LAB (vLAB) houses the NonStop equipment used with the HPE NonStop courses. By providing access to the equipment remotely, we can offer a richer equipment environment for all users worldwide.

The vLAB is located in the Netherlands and is remotely accessible worldwide. Advance access technology provides concurrent access to the NonStop Servers by the different classes in the various regions and time zones. The vLAB environment is sized to handle access for 75 students.
To perform the LAB exercises in the courses, access to real HPE NonStop Servers is provide by the HPE NonStop Education vLAB in the Netherlands.
The LAB is used for both the classroom and virtual courses. The LAB can be remotely accessed from everywhere in the world, using a Interconnection and PC with a webbrowser.


Currently the installed base of the LAB counts 46 NonStop CPUs running on varStu HPE NonStop Integrity Itanium and x86 Entry Class, Mid-Range and High-End systems.

Next to the HPE NonStop Systems many peripherals are available for practicing, including the Virtual TapeControler (VTC), Virtual TapeServer (VTS), Atalla ESKM, Atalla HSM, XP ESS Storage and more.



Prior to each course the vLAB team will install and configure the necessary software, so that the instructor and students can use a pre-setup environment for the LAB exercises. At the end of course the vLAB team cleans up the course installation to ensure a clean a healthy NonStop Server for the next setup/delivery.
For each course one or more dedicated NonStop Server will be assigned.


Students visit the HPE Education Services facility in the Netherlands from everywhere in the world to receive hands-on courses and best classroom experience.

During these training real life problems are introduced into the NonStop Servers to provide the best learning experience.
A collection of faulty parts from the field are used in some exercises to simulate a real life failure.

Our LAB equipment

  • Virtualized NonStop – 4 CPUs
  • NonStop NS7 X1 – 4 CPUs
  • NonStop NS7 X1 – 4 CPUs
  • NB56000c – 6 CPUs
  • NB54000c – 4 CPUs
  • NB50000c – 8 CPUs
  • NS2200 – 4 CPUs
  • NS2000 – 2 CPUs
  • NS16000 – 4 CPUs DMR
  • NS14000 – 2 CPUs DMR
  • NS1000 – 4 CPUs
  • Blade Cluster Solution
  • Infiniband Cluster
  • M6780 Cluster
  • Atalla ESKM – multiple
  • Atalla HSM – multiple
  • VTC (Virtual Tape Controller) – multiple models
  • VTS (Virtual Tape Server) – multiple models
  • TSI Physical TapeDrives¬† – multiple models
  • HPE StorageWorks XP

Student Frontend

Citrix Cluster with:

  • 384GB of memory
  • 96 CPU cores
  • MS Windows Server 2016
  • Crystal Point OutsideView