Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2020

The Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) is the most comprehensive technical education and training event dedicated exclusively to the global Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop community.

Information and content for this event is driven by NonStop users for NonStop users. Meet and learn from the developers, engineers, and executives that are leading the global NonStop community. Connecting and collaborating with the global HPE NonStop community is the main focus on the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. For decades, the NonStop TBC has been a key place to keep conversations going and continue building momentum for the mission critical space.

The following videos are recordings from the sold-out sessions delivered at the 2020 Virtual TBC. These videos are available on the event Whova page and are also posted on Vimeo. You can search by keyword, title, speaker and so forth, but there is no menu list to see the full set of titles. The menu below provides direct links to the on-demand NonStop TBC 2020 Vimeo archive.

TBC20-001 – HPE NonStop – Next Generation Systems
TBC20-002 – HPE NonStop OS and OSS
TBC20-003 – HPE NonStop SQL/MX : The Latest News
TBC20-004 – HPE NonStop SQL – Cloud
TBC20-005 – GIT Tutorial for Beginners
TBC20-006 – HPE NonStop Performance
TBC20-007 – HPE NonStop – Helping to Fight COVID-19
TBC20-008 – PL/MX: A Procedural Language for SQL/MX
TBC20-009 – The Basics of Automatic TCP/IP Connection Failover
TBC20-010 – The NonStop Showcase program
TBC20-011 – HPE NonStop Security Products Update
TBC20-012 – A Fault Tolerant NonStop Container?
TBC20-013 – HPE NonStop – The Art of the Possible – 2020
TBC20-014 – HPE NonStop Business Continuity
TBC20-015 – HPE NonStop – Virtualized NonStop Updates for 2020
TBC20-016 – NonStop Manageability Portfolio 2020
TBC20-017 – NonStop Interconnect Fabrics Technical Update
TBC20-018 – HPE NonStop SQL/MX : The Experience
TBC20-019 – Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Application Release & Deployment Automation
TBC20-019 – Demo for CICD Application
TBC20-020 – API Gateway – A Gateway into NonStop
TBC20-021 – NonStop SQL Database refactoring
TBC20-022 – HPE NonStop’s Future with GreenLake
TBC20-023 – Scalability when you need it
TBC20-024 – Driving NonStop SQL/MX with JDBC – a case study
TBC20-025 – Artificial Intelligence Driven Enterprise (AIDE)
TBC20-026 – MVI – An Emerging Payments Application for NonStop
TBC20-027 – NSHTTP 2.4 Performance Test Comparison
TBC20-028 – Ways to Analyze Your Database on NonStop
TBC20-030 – Technical Deep Dive into the NonStop HTTP Server – A New Web Server for NonStop
TBC20-031 – NonStop Middleware – What’s New with the Ported Binaries of Java SE on NonStop
TBC20-032 – Training the Next Generation of NonStop R&D Engineers
TBC20-035 – XP8 and NonStop: What New with the Most Reliable Enterprise Storage Solution for NonStop
TBC20-040 – The ABC’s of NonStop TCO
TBC20-041 – Is Your Data Sharing Solution Going E-O-S-L? Avoid Vendor Lock-in and Expose Your Valuable Enscribe Data
TBC20-043 – Success & Covid19 – Strength, Capacity, Caring & Compassion
TBC20-044 – Hosting for NS Greenlake with Secure Cloud
TBC20-045 – NonStop Security Analytics, from Event Stream to Alerts and Dashboards
TBC20-046 – KCS NonStop in Memory Cache vs Shared Memory
TBC20-047 – Why we need DOCKER on HPE NonStop – Build and Ship any Application Anywhere!
TBC20-048 – From Legacy to Cloud Ready – Always NonStop Journey
TBC20-050 – Macau Immigration Evolution Triple Active CASE Study
TBC20-051 – Working Agile in an Old School HPNS Environment at ING – Slender
TBC20-052 – Euroclear, Virtualized NonStop, a Proof of Concept
TBC20-053 – A Peek into How Dell Technologies Runs Virtualized NonStop for Critical Applications
TBC20-054 – Implementing a Modern Payments Switch on NonStop
TBC20-055 – How RedLink is Modernizing BASE24 with LightWave Solutions
TBC20-056 – Proactive Risk Management – HDFC, India’s Largest Private Bank, modernizes CyberSecurity
TBC20-060 – HPE Shadowbase Mission-Critical Use Case Solutions and Product News
TBC20-061 – The NonStop Solution for Protecting Sensitive Data in the Enterprise
TBC20-061b – The NonStop Solution for Protecting Sensitive Data in the Enterprise (European Audience)
TBC20-062 – Real-time, Proactive Insight Across NonStop, Application and Payment Ecosystems with IR Prognosis
TBC20-063 – MultiBatch Modernisation using Rocket LegaSuite
TBC20-064 – Modernizing NonStop Development: How a Near Impossible Project Led to an All-in-One Web-Based Development Solution
TBC20-065 – Anatomy of a CyberSecurity Breach – Building a Strategy That Works
TBC20-066 – Modernizing CyberSecurity: Building a Strategy that works
TBC20-067 – From Replication to Distribution, Integration and Transformation, NTI is Putting Data First
TBC20-068 – Digital Enablement: Future-proofing HPE NonStop Applications
TBC20-069 – IDELJI Intelligent Enterprise Monitoring Ecosystem: Explained
TBC20-070 – Passport to Compliance
TBC20-072 – Today’s Payments Market: Creating Opportunities from Challenges
TBC20-073 – Introducing BackBox Secondary Storage – New Release 4.09
TBC20-080 – HPE NonStop Software Portfolio
TBC20-082 – Update on Backup Solutions
TBC20-083 – NonStop Advanced Technology Center Overview – PoC Considerations
TBC20-084 – Understanding and Use of SQL/MX Table Partitioning Capabilities
TBC20-085 – NSDEE: Increasing Efficiency For Application Developers
TBC20-086 – NS Languages and Tools Portfolio
TBC20-087 – NonStop 101
TBC20-088 – Pointnext Services for NonStop
TBC20-089 – Scouting through the Jungle of Support Tools for NonStop