Our available HPE NonStop courses

HPE offers many different courses in the various areas of the HPE NonStop platform. The courses are categorized depending on the subject. This page list all available official HPE NonStop courses which are sorted by categories. Expand the category to see the available courses in that category.


HT2Z6AAEProfessional HPE NonStop Systems Skills Assessmentdatasheetview schedule
HU0B2SNonStop Basicdatasheetview schedule
HU0B3SBuilding NonStop infrastructuredatasheetview schedule
HU0B7SNonStop Operation managementdatasheetview schedule
U1234SConcepts and Facilities for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule
U4147SConcepts and Facilities for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule

NonStop X

H6C38SHPE Integrity NonStop X Application Migrationdatasheetview schedule
H6C39SHPE Integrity NonStop X Server Administration Idatasheetview schedule
H6C40SHPE Integrity NonStop X Server Administration IIdatasheetview schedule

Server Administration

H1SC3SHPE NonStop Server Administration Idatasheetview schedule
H1SC4SHPE NonStop Server Administration IIdatasheetview schedule
H1SC5SHPE NonStop Server Administration IIIdatasheetview schedule
H1SC8SHPE NonStop Software Essentialsdatasheetview schedule
H1SD5SHPE NonStop NB to NonStop X Operations Management and Architectural Differencesdatasheetview schedule
HH675SUsing NonStop Essentials with HPE Systems Insight Managerdatasheetview schedule
U4186SHPE NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF) Operations and Managementdatasheetview schedule
U4194SPathway System Management I for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule

TACL Programming

U4199STACL Programmingdatasheetview schedule
U8636STACL Programming I for NonStop Serversdatasheetview schedule

Open System Services (OSS)

U4159SOpen System Services (OSS) for Guardian Developersdatasheetview schedule
U4160SiTP WebServer Workshop for NonStop Serversdatasheetview schedule
U4188SOpen System Services (OSS) Operations and Management for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule
U5516SOpen System Services (OSS) - Basic Commands and Utilities for NonStop Serversdatasheetview schedule
U5517SOpen System Services (OSS) - Advanced Commands and Utilities for HPE NonStop Serversdatasheetview schedule


H1SD1SSecuring HPE NonStop Servers using IPTablesdatasheetview schedule
H1SD2SSecuring HPE NonStop Servers using Ipsecdatasheetview schedule
HT2K9SHPE NonStop IP CLIM network managementdatasheetview schedule
U4176SHPE NonStop TCP/IP System Managementdatasheetview schedule

Advanced System Management

HG765SIntroduction to the NonStop Cluster I/O Modules (CLIMs)datasheetview schedule
HG7C1SHPE Virtualized NonStop on VMware – Architecture, Installation and Configurationdatasheetview schedule
HG7C2SHPE NonStop Enscribe File Systemdatasheetview schedule
HG7C5HPE NonStop Shadowbase Architecture, Installation and Configurationdatasheetview schedule
HT2K7SHPE NonStop HTTP Server (NSHTTP)datasheetview schedule
HT2K8SHPE NonStop BackBox Trainingdatasheetview schedule
U4146SHPE NonStop Remote Database Facility (RDF) Workshopdatasheetview schedule
U4150SDSM/SCM Operations and Management for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule
U4195SPerformance Analysis and Tuning for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule
U4196SSecuring NonStop Servers Using Safeguarddatasheetview schedule

Kernel Architecture

U8609SHPE Integrity NonStop Operating System Architecturedatasheetview schedule


U4180SHPE NonStop SQL/MP Database Managementdatasheetview schedule
U4181SHPE NonStop SQL/MP Essentialsdatasheetview schedule


U4184SHPE NonStop SQL/MX Basicsdatasheetview schedule
U5512SHPE NonStop SQL/MX Programmingdatasheetview schedule
U8617SHPE NonStop SQL/MX Database Managementdatasheetview schedule


U4198STAL/pTAL Programmingdatasheetview schedule

Guardian API Programming

U4152SGuardian API Programming for HPE NonStop Systemsdatasheetview schedule

Development - NSDEE/Eclipse

HG754SHPE NonStop Development Environment for Eclipsedatasheetview schedule

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