Webinar Archive: Modern DevOps with HPE NonStop – Application Release & Deployment Automation

June 18, 2020


DevOps is a philosophy widely adopted by the IT industry to reduce latency between business needs and technology solutions. This philosophy is supported by well-defined processes and products. NonStop Server provides tools and utilities that can be effectively used in the DevOps cycle to provide consistency in operations yet allow needed customization in each step of the cycle.
In this talk you will learn about Application Release Automation using Ansible, a popular automation framework, and how it can be integrated with the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tool Jenkins to achieve role based automation of DevOps processes with specific NonStop server examples.
You will also learn about an Ansible based framework that NonStop offers to automate repeatable jobs that is particularly helpful to the system administrator community.



Raghav Ramesh Narasingu
Engineering Manager, HPE NonStop Engineering (NSDi)
Minal Ulhasrao Deshmukh
Expert Developer – HPE NonStop Engineering (NSDi)

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Jenkins Application Release Pipeline

Ansible Artifacts

Github Playbook Configurations