Webinar Archive: Exploring Real World APIs

February 7, 2024


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) stand as indispensable tools that seamlessly connect diverse software systems. We invite you to dive into the captivating realm of ‘Real World APIs’ in our upcoming webinar, where we’ll unravel the pivotal role these invisible backbones play in shaping our interconnected world.

What to Expect:
Fundamental Concepts:
Gain insights into the basics of APIs and discover how they power our daily digital interactions.
Real-World Examples: Explore a myriad of instances where API integration has revolutionized industries like eCommerce, finance, and payments, showcasing how APIs drive innovation, enhance functionality, and facilitate data exchange.

Trends and Best Practices:
Stay ahead of the curve by delving into the latest trends and best practices in API development.

Security, Privacy, and Compliance:
Understand the implications of APIs in data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.


Dave Belliveau
CTO of NuWave Technologies

Dave Belliveau is the CTO of NuWave Technologies and has spent more than 30 years developing middleware for HPE NonStop servers.
Before joining NuWave, Dave was the architect and developer of Remote Server Call, the original NonStop client/server middleware. That experience, combined with his work on NuWave’s next-generation SOAP and REST middleware products, makes Dave one of the leading experts on NonStop modernization and cloud integration.


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