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H1SD3S – HPE Virtualized Converged NonStop Field Support Training

course explains the architecture of the HPE Virtualized Converged NonStop Server and provides the knowledge to
perform corrective maintenance.
Learn about NonStop Virtualization and the hardware components of the NS2 Virtualized Converged NonStop
Server. The hardware explained includes the Compute Nodes, the FlexFabric RoCE Fabric Switches, Maintenance Switch, NonStop System Console, 19” Rack and Power options.
Understand Virtual CPUs (vCPUs), Virtual CLIMs (vCLIMs) and how they are existing on the Compute Nodes.
The course includes basic troubleshooting.
The course is 70% lecture and 30% lab exercises, using HPE Virtualized Converged NonStop Servers.
Course duration: 3 days
Datasheet: datasheet

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