H1SC8S – HPE NonStop Software Essentials

HPE NonStop Software Essentials is the replacement for the DSM/SCM Planner Interface.
In this 2 day course you will learn how to install the HPE NonStop Software Essentials client, how to configure the NonStop host software and
become familiar with using the client. The course is a mix between lecture (60%) and lab exercises (40%).
Some DSM/SCM requests are time consuming and can damage the NonStop system configuration when incorrectly used.
For this reason, a simulator will be used in about 50% of the LAB exercises.
After completing this course, you will be able to install, configure and use the HPE NonStop Software Essentials product. This is not a DSM/SCM course.
Course duration: 2 days
Datasheet: datasheet

We are sorry. This coure is currently not scheduled.
Please send us an e-mail on learn@nonstop-academy.com if you want this the course scheduled