Webinar Archive: Don’t Panic! Compare your Source and Target Data

June 12, 2019


If you worry even a little bit at the thought of your databases being out of sync, then this webinar on HPE Shadowbase Compare is for you. Verification for replication products and business continuity is critical and requires independent methods to ensure consistency between databases even while they are actively running. HPE Shadowbase Compare provides prompt data checking to help auditors accomplish regulatory data compliance.

HPE Shadowbase Compare and its Repair function run independently of any replication product, allowing both the source and target databases to remain open for updating. It may be used as part of a customer solution to provide evidence for regulatory data validation compliance.

Through discussion and demonstration of specific tools, you will walk away with step-by-step details of how you can instantly prove your data in two databases match for regulatory data validation compliance and auditors.


Andrew (Drew) Bauernschmidt (Gravic)

Andrew is a Delivery Specialist, who is responsible for maintaining the Shadowbase Training Library. Additional duties include product documentation and QA. He has worked for Gravic in the Shadowbase Delivery Department for six years and has his Associates Degree in Computer Engineering.


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