Webinar Archive: NonStop DevOps Continuous Integration and Deployment

April 17, 2019


DevOps CI/CD has gained immense popularity in the last few years as a way to streamline and improve both quality and release time for software release cycles using a robust suite of tools to support automation. HPE NonStop supports several popular tools which are often used to implement DevOps CI/CD, including Jenkins, Git, Eclipse/NSDEE, and Ansible. This talk will introduce DevOps CI/CD concepts and tools, and how to begin to apply those processes in your HPE NonStop development organizations.


Meg Watson (HPE NonStop Advanced Technology Center)

Meg Watson is a Master Software Engineer in the NonStop Advanced Technology Center.
Her background is as a software engineer in operating systems and compiler development. More recently she has been focused on modern development methodologies, languages, and tools. She also studies Java application performance and tuning.


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