Updated Courses

  • U8609 – HPE Integrity NonStop Operating System Architecture
    • Now includes the NonStop x86 technology
  • HG754S – HPE NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse
    • Updated to NSDEE 7.1
  • H6C38S – HPE Integrity NonStop X Application Migration
    • Updated to include the L18.02 RVU
  • U4181S – NonStop SQL/MP Essentials
    • SQL/MP product updates & added report writer
  • H6C36S – HPE NonStop VTC Field Support Training
    • Updated to BackBox H4.05 & new VTC models (including Virtualized BackBox)

Customer Webinars

Welcome to the HPE NonStop Customer Conference Call Program! This newly updated program is designed to provide you with monthly technical updates on “what’s new” in the NonStop world.

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New Courses

H1SD1S – Securing HPE NonStop Servers using IPTables

H1SD2S – Securing HPE NonStop Servers

H1SD3S – HPE Virtualized Converged NonStop Field Support Training

H1SD4S – HPE Virtualized Converged NonStop Operational Differences

H1SD5S – HPE NonStop NB to NonStop X Operations Management and Architectural Differences